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The best students, the best mentors and a great research team to address your AI problem.

We are selecting 15 challenges provided by corporations for the next batch of the School of Artificial Intelligence starting April 9th.

If you have a problem and you want to know if AI can solve it, please write to us.

Our team will look into your problem, provide you with free advice and let you know if it can become an official challenge for the school.

Do you have a challenge that AI can solve?

Current and previous companies

What AI can do for your company

If your company has a project, an idea or a vision which you believe could be approached using artificial intelligence or which could unlock the potential of machine learning for your business, we can have our most talented AI engineers work on it. Alternatively, we could train your engineers on the subject.

If you are not sure how to define your project, our AI experts will advise and support you to help develop your project into a specific machine learning concept with clearly defined deliverables.

Extract inputs from big data

Automate repetitive tasks

Conquer new markets

Projects from the previous batches

Here are some of the projects developed during the last AI programme at Pi School.


“Participating in this first edition has been a great experience. The students have been really impressive; they seem limitless in their ability to find ways to solve the complex issues we are struggling with as professionals. The place, the spirit and the level of seniority of the team gives a strong value to the programme.”

—Guillaume Du Gardier, ‎Chief Innovation Officer – Kingcom

“Trusting PI School AI Programme with our project proved to be a great experience as well as a very good investment for our company. In a short timeframe, the selected Engineer was able to build a convincing prototype that solved our business case.
We can now take it and improve it further on our own. We are very happy with the results and we look forward to working together again in the future.”

—Luca Rossi, CTO at Wanderio

Do you have a challenge?

How we work

In order to maximise the benefits of this programme, we have designed a multi-faceted approach integrating various components, each designed to cover one aspect of your needs, so that the full picture is one of all-round satisfaction. Our process at a glance:

Recommendation – Advice – Consultancy
You will have one or two days of consultancy to help you better articulate your needs, vision and project, and to translate this into a briefing for an AI engineer. This is the phase where we scope out the challenge that you wish to solve using Artificial Intelligence.
Project definition
Now we know the challenge that needs to be solved, we would like to come to an agreement with you about the outcome and what you wish to achieve, and make sure that your expectations are aligned with the given criteria and will be met.
Assignment of engineers and mentors
We will select the best engineers and mentors from our pool, make sure they are suited to your challenge, and brief them on how to develop your specific project. We design the road map for them and identify what needs to be done within the 8 weeks of their work on your project.
Project development
Kick off! We now have the challenge, the engineers, the mentors, and our facility and infrastructure, including our experts and a plan of how to proceed. The next 8 weeks are dedicated to solving the problem and reaching the agreed target. You will be part of this process (as much as your time permits). You will receive feedback, reports and updates, and you can regularly visit the site, speak directly to your engineer and get progress reports.
Final presentations
Once the programme comes to an end, only a closed circle of experts and sponsors such as yourself are invited to attend a presentation describing all the work that has been carried out. Here, you not only get to see what has been done for you; you also get the opportunity to network in an exclusive environment, meet and even recruit experts to further develop your project. This is your chance to identify further opportunities and get one step closer to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The team

Sébastien Bratières

Director of AI, Translated

Sébastien has over 15 years of experience in the AI industry, covering topics ranging from speech interfaces and chatbots to data science. He has taught both professionals and students at institutions including École Centrale Paris and LUISS Business School in Rome, and consistently receives glowing reviews from his pupils. He carried out his PhD in probabilistic machine learning at the University of Cambridge, home to one of the world’s leading research labs. Sébastien is a regular speaker at international events dealing with machine intelligence.

The programme director will be available to:

  • consult you and support you to identify your project
  • assign the best engineer and mentor to your project
  • secure to achieve the expected outcome
  • support you to define further development steps

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is here to make sure that every single project is based on bleeding edge technology. Simply put, they make sure there’s no better way to do it.

Alex Waibel

Professor of Computer Science

Hassan Sawaf

Director of AI, Amazon Web Services

Marcello Federico

Head, Human Language Translation Unit


Our mentors are AI engineers from the industry's finest labs.
Alongside the Programme Director, they will coach the students on a weekly basis.

Lukasz Kaiser

Researcher, Google Brain

Riccardo Sabatini

Chief Data Scientist

Max Pumperla

Deep learning Engineer

Novi Quadrianto

Senior Lecturer

Added Value

Our goal is clear: with your support, we want to enable more organisations to use AI, we want to help organisations better understand this technology and better integrate it into their business environments, and we want to support the development of some of the world’s top AI engineers.




In essence, you create your own AI lab, and you carry out your research and development on your products and services driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You hire your own personal AI experts, supported by world class mentors, to do custom work for you.


We aim to contribute to the community and support the better usage and integration of the most advanced technology. Your part in this is to sponsor the brightest talents and allow them to take part in our hands-on Artificial Intelligence programme, where they will learn from the best of the best and work directly on your specific project and mission.


Targeted Outcome

We guarantee to protect the intellectual property rights and confidentiality of your data. You will receive technical and business consulting and recommendations for your project at no additional cost.


Upcoming Programme

  • Start Date 9 April 2018
  • Application deadline 9 March 2018
  • Duration 8 weeks full time
  • Participants 15 skilled engineers
  • Cost 15,000 €
  • Location Pi School, Rome
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About Pi School

Pi School was co-founded by Pi Campus and is located in Rome, Italy.

Pi Campus is both a venture capital fund and a startup district; it invests in growth-stage startups, with 28 investments in Italy and worldwide. It also hosts some of these startups. Pi Campus was co-founded in 2007 by Marco Trombetti, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, based on the commercial success of his first venture, Translated, an online translation platform which he co-founded in 1999.

Pi School offers professional education programmes and bespoke courses in its specialist areas: innovation, creativity and design. In order to bring together technology and creativity, the school specifically focuses on AI and machine learning.

Pi School operates under the direct leadership of one of its founding members, Jamshid Alamuti, an expert on innovation, creativity and leadership, but above all a transformer and a specialist in developing people.

Jamshid formerly transformed and led the Berlin School of Creative Leadership in addition to designing and running many other educational institutions in Europe, where he developed EMBA units and C-level programmes. In between, Jamshid has always worked as an independent leadership consultant, speaker and writer in order to keep a balance between theory and practice.