Creative Incubator

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Creative Incubator is a unique programme designed by Pi School in collaboration with The Art Directors Club of Europe, the most prestigious institution which promotes European creativity by showcasing the best of advertising and design.

The programme is a configuration of three workshops, approaching top and most urgent challenges of the Advertising and design industry. Participants ideate and produce concepts, generate models and strategic solutions and provide the Creative Industry with hands on and applicable recipes, to be equipped to face their current and future challenges.

The programme is considering field work and Data driven analyses in between the three individual modules, each taking place in 3 different European cities. This is a merge of the learning process, research and analyses, workshops, labs, mentorship and lectures as well as consultative approach to the gathered problems of the advertising and design industry.

Key information

  • First module Rome, 1-3 March 2018 (agenda)
  • Second module Barcelona, 10-12 May 2018
  • Third module Berlin, 6-8 September 2018
  • Duration
    of each module
    2.5 days
  • Cost per module € 2,400 (30 grants available per module, 80% discount)
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Areas of focus

This programme looks at the various triggers that are currently generating deep transformations within the Communication Industry. We respond to questions such as “where is the industry heading?”, “What are the necessary updates and changes agencies need to make in order to stay ahead of the curve?”, “How can agencies interact with technology such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?”, “How can they embrace integrative, consultative, solution driven or data driven concepts?” and “ How does the need of our clients and their consumers drives the questions above?”.

The programme incubates participants’ ideate and concepts. It provides space for debating and test-run of the different solutions and generates models to redesign the creative industry.

Style and goal


  • 3 incubators x 2.5 days (Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening)
  • Handover of the results from group to group, from session to session

Working style

  • Start Up attitude
  • Consultative approach
  • Transformation driven
  • Innovation and Technology facing

Knowledge transfer

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Mentorship
  • Master Classes
  • Lectures
  • Labs


Models, methods, white papers, concepts, recommendations, new designs of jobs, roles and structures

Places and incubation time

The programme is divided into 3 different modules and each one can be booked independently. The programme starts in March, in Rome, and ends in November, at the ADCE Festival, in Barcelona, where the results will be presented.

First module

Rome – 1-3 March 2018

Registration is now open to participate in the 1st of the 3 workshops scheduled for 2018.

There are 30 grants available covering more than 80% of the cost (€ 450 instead of € 2,400).

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We start on Thursday 1st March at lunch (1 PM) and finish on Saturday 3rd March in the evening (6 PM) with the presentations.

These are the topics we will cover:

  • Kick off of the program – Thursday Lunch
  • Disruption of the current models and challenge on ideas of companies of the future: No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  • Contracts and Value Vs. People and Roles
  • Flexibility and Agility to innovate
  • Case Study (4 different Agency models and their approach to Product and Service Design) observation and analysis of their organizational structure
  • fundamentals of Innovation
  • Innovation Process, from Ideation to Execution
  • Preto-Typing
  • Creative Consulting – Consulting by Design
  • Organizational Design
  • Concept wrap up and presentation – Saturday evening

Lecturers & Mentors

  • Jamshid Alamuti – CEO and co-founder, Pi School
  • Patrizia Boglione – Strategic Creative Director, Angelini Design
  • Kris Hoet – Global Head of Innovation, FCB Global
  • Axel Quack – Strategy Director, Frog Germany
  • Luis Villa – Strategy Director, Fjord / Accenture Spain – Madrid

Programme design and Faculty director

Jamshid Alamuti

CEO and Co-founder, Pi School

Disrupter. Dedicated to everyone around him. Transformational strategist. Development expert. Creative leader. A born communicator.

Those are some of the words used to describe his multifaceted nature. Alamuti’s rare ability to bring different people together led him to his current project: combining technology and creativity, and apply them to innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. His track record is wide and diversified, from Arts to Business, Educational and Personal Development.

His latest project, Pi School, gathers his aspirations, expertise and recognition.

Advisory Board

Ami Hasan

President of ADCE and Chairman of Hasan & Partners

Johannes Newrkla

CEO, Merlicek & Grossebner

Till Diestel

Creative Director, BBDO Berlin

Zélia Sahki

Head of Design and Creative Director, Mobiento/Deloitte Digital

Mentors and lecturers

Axel Quack

Strategy Director, Frog Germany

Fernanda Romano

Founder, Strategy and Creative Partner, Malagueta Group

Luis Villa

Strategy Director, Fjord

Julio Obelleiro

Co-Founder and CEO, Wildbytes

Kris Hoet

Global Head of Innovation, FCB Global

Patrizia Boglione

Strategic Creative Director, Angelini Design

Want to join?


    The applicant will come from any department of a creative organization, as our goal is to maintain a wide horizon and consider impact of upcoming changes on all corners of an organization. Beside, not only the creative department is considered “creative” in our eyes. Participants will learn and work on a broad spectrum of topics: transformation, digitalization, consultative creative solutions, technology integration, and the many ways in which the Communication and Advertising Industry is going to evolve.

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    Creative organizations with specific challenges can sponsor seats in the programme or cover the traveling and accommodation costs of the participant. In return, the chosen ambassador will put focus on those challenges and provide valuable insights, efficient solutions and new strategies to be assessed and used by the sponsor.

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There are 30 grants available for each module, covering more than 80% of the cost (€ 450 instead of € 2,400).
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