Creative Technologist

It has been at least five years that the advertising industry does all it takes to define “the creative team of the future”.

While consulting companies swallowed great design agencies and put hands-on service and product design, Google starts to attract creatives and did a tremendous investment of time, ideas, and money to give birth to the tech-creative hybrid and pocket in what was left out of advertising market.

As usual, agencies wake up last and are the last to leave the comfort zone, unless they are among the real pioneers in the field.

During the past two years, we see more and more advertising agencies who take proactive steps to integrate technology and creativity and service their clients with more data, technological approach to creative solutions and a new way of looking at ideation and execution of it.

At Pi School, as we have committed to wed creativity with technology, and after successfully introducing artificial intelligence into the advertising industry, it was an inevitable next step for us to start educating the most wanted profile in the market: the creative technologist. Pi School is launching the first certified module on creative technologist in the summer of 2018.

We have studied how the role creative technologist evolved within the last three years, we have run in-depth analyses of the current market needs, client’s challenges, availability of talents and set of skills and the current structure of agencies but the traditional and those who try to re-invent. Combining these insights, the programme is in the finishing touch of its development process and will open the doors for both creative talents as well as developers.

About the programme

  • Location Pi School, Rome
  • Duration 10 weeks, full-time
  • Start date September 2018

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