Entrepreneurship, disrupted by design

In today’s world, Leadership has become synonymous with a tedious list of managing and micromanaging duties. Rather than conforming to this obsolete model, we prefer teaching a new path of leadership, a holistic path, one that makes you an everyday entrepreneur who knows how to create new opportunities for himself, not just a leader.
The business world of today, whether the tech or the creative industry, is evolving fast and entrepreneurs need to disrupt it with true and appropriate novelty and be the ones to re-imagine and transform it through design and creativity.

In this context, our message is «be unique, create your own style, reinvent the future».
To achieve that, we teach elements of design as a new way to solve problems as well as key elements of entrepreneurship. But the real goal, at the end of this workshop, is for you to be able to create your own style of leadership, with your own methodology, a methodology that responds to your specific challenges and that helps your increasingly successful business be part of a movement to make this world a better place.


Who is this programme for

This programme is made to bring the most diverse target group together. Its main goal is to offer you key insights into designing your own method. So whether you are from the creative or tech industry, a young talented start-upper or a senior leader within a giant organization, as long as you are interested in the following topics, this is the right programme for you!


  • Jamshid Alamuti

    Pi School CEO

    Jamshid Alamuti is known as a disruptor, a passionate people development expert and a transformation strategist.

    His rare ability to bring diverse group of individuals together supports his unique concept: combining technology and creativity and using innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership as vehicles for this journey.

    Jamshid Alamuti has an extensive and diverse track record. After his studies in Art and early start in the music industry, he traveled Europe and North Africa as a choreographer. Jamshid then started his corporate life as the global Head of gedas Academy, working for subsidiaries worldwide and developing junior and senior management of VW Group (later acquired by Telekom Training). His expertise was Methodology development in sales, Project management, Change management and Pre-sales consulting.

    He went on to other responsibilities and challenges, launching Frankfurter Allgemeine Business School and leading organizations such as Neuland Academy for Leadership and Berlin School of Creative Leadership. These incredible experiences in higher education confirmed his one true passion and calling: Entrepreneurship and using creativity and technology to design next-generation programmes.

  • Francesco Subioli


    University degree at ISIA – State Institute for the Artistic Industries – of Rome.
    Art director and Project manager in the design domain: Industrial, Graphic, Exhibition, Service Design.
    He has been working professionally for 25 years, first with Studio Random and then with Kromosoma studio. Some of his major clients include: Enel, Rai, Serono, Vodafone, Alitalia, Legambiente, Monini, Airest, Ntv, Eataly, Seleco, Cinecittà Studios, Caritas, Pubblica Amministrazione, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.He is also an Adi Executive Board Member
    He alternates his professional work with teaching and training courses at Universities and private schools. he’s also the coordinator and senior teacher of the first Master in Food Design in Europe at IED In Rome!

The location

We are based in the leafy EUR area of Rome where we converted a luxury villa into the optimal learning environment.

About this programme

  • Start Date Coming soon
  • Duration 3 days, full time
  • Course fee € 1,800
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