A flexible education for a dynamic worldThe frame to the learning experience we provide has no limits but the ones you set for yourself. Join one of our next-generation, future-oriented and mind-opening programmes.

Open programmes

Our goal is to remain ahead of the trends and to forecast the future needs of individuals and consumers as well as the cultural shifts of society. All interventions at Pi school are led by insightful actors of the international creative and tech scene. And our classes are inspired by practical experience and real-life problem solving for the re al world. We do not believe in vertical learning and theoretical classes. The «how» is paramount in our action-driven programme. The immersive journeys we offer give our students all the knowledge, know-how, specialist skills and confidence they need to go back into the world and create an amazing future.

  • Customised programmes

    Education targeted for your goals

    Putting the perfect program together is more than just about ready-made content. When designing your customized programme, we take many things into account: the culture of your organization, the vision of your investors, leaders and C-level, the marketplace status and your specific needs. We unlock your potential with practical solutions and help you turn your innovative ideas into reality.

    Tell us about your expectations and we’ll create the right programme for you, with you.

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  • Interactive and experiential events

    Be part of our start-up community & environment

    You have a wonderful idea that you would like to share with the world? Your organization is meeting unprecedented challenges? Join us and let us help you walk the talk! We use start-up methods and innovative solution-finding processes like interactive workshops, hackathons, incubators, labs, factories and more to help you find the answer to your big questions. We bring in the right minds from the tech and creative industry to generate amazing action plans with you, and we create the perfect ecosystem for you to achieve your vision. You will be amazed by the concrete results obtained in a few days!

Consulting by Doing

Our consulting approach revolutionizes the field as it eliminates the gap between recommendation and implementation. Our teams of experts don’t just tell you what went wrong, what you could have, would have, should have done better. They go way further than the Powerpoint presentation: they actually roll up their sleeves and help you do what needs to be done, using incredible resources like hackathons, intelligent sourcing and solution-driven workshops for your employees, where accessible tasks are assigned and milestones are set. No challenge is too great and no problem too big: we will always find a solution together.
If there is a path to find, we find it together, and if there is none we build it!

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Decision Making
Strategic Planning
Creative Entrepreneurship
Consulting by Doing
Sustainability Management + Social Responsibility
Art of Pitching
Artificial Intelligence
High Performing Teams
Strategic Communication
Change Management
Macro Economy
Risk Management
Organizational Design
Negotiation Skills
Analytical Thinking