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Partner with us to create valuable connections that drive success and growth for business.

Are you passionate about AI? Do you have a vast network that can be leveraged to drive business growth? Join Pi School’s Affiliate Programme and help us connect with businesses seeking top-notch AI applications.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, AI-enabled products and services are revolutionising operations, optimising efficiency, and propelling companies toward unprecedented growth.

By becoming a Pi School affiliate, you’ll play a crucial role in spreading awareness and driving adoption by connecting us with individuals and businesses interested in bringing forward their challenges to be solved with AI within our cutting-edge School of AI programme.

How it works:

Promotion: As an affiliate, you will actively promote and advocate for the School of AI programme to broaden its reach, raise awareness, gain traction, and drive engagement. You'll achieve this by sharing compelling information about our School of AI programme and its benefits with your network.

Introduction of Prospective Customers: Leveraging your promotional efforts, you'll introduce prospective customers to the Pi School team as a bridge between potential clients and our expertise. These customers bring forward challenges they aim to solve with AI, aligning their needs with the capabilities of our programme.

Qualified Purchase: When a customer introduced by you commits to enhancing their operations with AI and purchases a challenge relevant to the School of AI, completing the sale of the service.

Payout: Upon confirmation of a Qualified Purchase, you, as the affiliate, become eligible to receive a commission for your valuable contribution. The commission rate is set at 10% of sales, ensuring you are rewarded for driving business growth.

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Join Pi School's Affiliate Programme and start connecting businesses with the power of AI solutions. Let's shape the future of AI-driven business together!