AI for Good: call for challenges

Making a difference with Artificial Intelligence

Are you working on social, environmental, or humanitarian impact projects?

Your organization can win data science support from a Pi School of AI team to work pro-bono on your project.

If you have identified a problem, maybe even have data, let’s work together! We are machine learning experts in search of worthy problems. However, we don’t know environmental and climate science, economic and social aspects of poverty, species extinction and so many other topics nearly as well as you. We need your help to identify what problems are the most critical ones.

Submit your challenges here. If your challenge is selected, Pi School will support you with a data science team for 8 weeks to work on it and solve it.

Do you have a challenge that can transform, create value and positively impact society? We have the expertise and skills to tackle it!

Background and context

Pi School is a next-generation school focused on building an amazing future through technology and creativity. Several times a year, we host some of the best engineers from all over the world and train them to become AI specialists. Each of them receives personalized coaching and guidance from faculty and mentors. They learn while working on real-world challenges sponsored by fast-growing startups, companies, or organizations that wish to use AI to solve their problems.

At Pi School, we believe that the main role of AI is to support humans in solving the most relevant challenges we are facing today. That’s why we wish to leverage the immense potential of these technologies for positive impact.

How it works

  1. You describe your challenge.
  2. Pi School will select ten candidates for the second evaluation phase who will be asked to send a 2-minute video explaining their mission, the problem they want to solve and the data sources available. Candidates may be contacted for a 10-minute interview if the selection committee requires further information.
  3. Among all applicants, Pi School will select one 8-week challenge. The winning organization will be contacted, and together, we will prepare the data science work: looking at available data, identifying predictive models we might build, and designing how machine learning solutions can generate impact.
  4. Starting in Session #11 of the Pi School of AI, a team consisting of two data scientists and engineers (fellows), one AI expert (coach), and one domain expert (mentor) will work on the selected challenge.
  5. During this period, we will have weekly calls with the Challenge Stakeholders to steer our work.
  6. Exactly 8 weeks later, we will hand over the outcomes: algorithms in Python, demos, benchmarking results, and experimental evaluations.
  7. After that, the solution will be handed over to the challenge sponsor, who will need to think of its future life (integration into a larger workflow, predictive model updates).


The challenge is limited to subjects and applications that put people or planet first such as: climate change mitigation, environmental sustainability, social inequalities reduction, sustainable and efficient AI, improving healthcare, accessibility, cultural heritage, among others.

Applications can be made in any field of research. The challenge you select may be part of an existing research project on which you are already working or a standalone project.

The outcomes of this challenge can help others to solve similar problems. Therefore, we would like to open-source the project we deliver, draft a white paper about it, and speak about our work on social media. We will support you with our communications team. Where needed, we would like to have your authorisation to disseminate our work in this way.

Who can apply

This call is open to startups, companies, university labs, and any organizations.


You can apply from anywhere in the world.

Submission deadline

August 16, 2022.

Selection criteria

A committee of AI experts will evaluate the proposals according to the following criteria

Let’s join forces to create a brighter future!


  • Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.
    Upload 1-page document stating the startup\company\organization description and mission, technical description of the problem to solve, and data details if available.

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