AI in the Creative Industry. Working models for the future

This 3 hours workshop at ADCE Festival ’17 in Barcelona opens a window to the “dark side”; to a world so close and yet so far from our creative environment. It is targeting individuals looking for strategies to enhance their organizations and their own career paths through the right integration of technology. To identify and nail the right strategy, Creative Leaders need to connect with what’s unknown to them.

This session aims to introduce and delve into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the potential contributions to the creative industry, and their environmental and behavioral impact on future generations.

About this workshop

  • Location ADCE Festival '17 - Barcelona
  • Date 10 November 2017 at 10:00
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Cost From € 32 to € 80

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  • Jamshid Alamuti

    CEO and co-founder, Pi School

    Jamshid Alamuti is known as a disruptor, a passionate people development expert and a transformation strategist.

    His rare ability to bring diverse group of individuals together supports his unique concept: combining technology and creativity and using innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership as vehicles for this journey.

    Jamshid Alamuti has an extensive and diverse track record. After his studies in Art and early start in the music industry, he traveled Europe and North Africa as a choreographer. Jamshid then started his corporate life as the global Head of gedas Academy, working for subsidiaries worldwide and developing junior and senior management of VW Group (later acquired by Telekom Training). His expertise was Methodology development in sales, Project management, Change management and Pre-sales consulting.

    He went on to other responsibilities and challenges, launching Frankfurter Allgemeine Business School and leading organizations such as Neuland Academy for Leadership and Berlin School of Creative Leadership. These incredible experiences in higher education confirmed his one true passion and calling: Entrepreneurship and using creativity and technology to design next-generation programmes.