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The perfect place to fall in love with the future

Inspiration is not a product you can receive. It happens when you connect to something, when you admire it and when you fall in love with it. We have created the perfect space for you to fall in love with the future.
Come and see for yourself!

Located in Rome, in the EUR area, Pi School converted a luxury Villa from the ’60 with more than 3000 sqm garden into the perfect learning environment.

Indoor Spaces

Bernbach hall

The Bernbach Hall is an indoor classroom which central element is the wideness of the space, which versatility allows to set up the room according to the different type of events.

The windows play a big role in the room. You know when you gaze outside and let your ideas fly? That’s the point. We want to make sure people feel like they are sitting in an open living room, as a metaphor for the need for openness to learning.

The Bernbach hall can host up to 60 people.


Turing hall

The Turing Hall – as a contrast – is all about being focused.
In opposition to the previous room, it presents itself as a closed environment.

Together, these two spaces work as a dynamic one. It allows the lecturers to give a talk with two different subjects and two different mindsets.

The Turing hall can host up to 30 people.

Adriano Olivetti Cafeteria

The Adriano Olivetti Cafeteria is an environment created to experience a relaxed cafè-style, that enable us to be more open and more communicative.

There is no strict format for the classes we take in this Cafeteria. The point is to experiment and make the most of the harmony with each other and with ourselves.

The Adriano Olivetti Cafeteria can host up to 60 people.

Outdoor Spaces

Come and see the Stone Classroom, usually used for group work, with no other walls than the green surrounding us. A place to feel disconnected from the rest of the environment and have a sense of infinity.

At the Blue Classroom, water – the main element – gives us a sense of free-form, flow and transparency. In this space, we gather people to learn and debate.

The Grass Classroom is instead a natural amphitheatre surrounded by the green that can host people for lectures of 1 hour top.


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Fully equipped kitchen

Meeting rooms

Swimming Pool

3000 sqm Garden

Turkish Bath

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