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Finance Lab for Entrepreneurs

Master the figures of your business

A two-day workshop to take ownership of your startup financial plan. Master your company’s figures, from understanding a project’s profitability to gauging the amount of investment. Foresee how long it will take to payback investment and understand what your earnings will be. In short, ensure your startup’s success by managing its financial aspects.

For entrepreneurs and startup managers who want to learn the basics to build a solid financial plan and practice through group work. Learn the theory, practice in teams, interact and network to put your knowledge into practice. After this workshop, you will be ready to manage your startup finances and assure your company’s success!

Key Information

  • Date Coming Next
  • Duration 2 days full time
  • Cost € 1,200
  • Location Pi School, Rome
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Programme Content

Module 1
Figures and maths: where to start from


  • The financial plan: what is it for? Is it reliable? How is it designed?
  • Finance is easy: let’s uncomplicate it.
  • Financial information: how to read and understand it better.


Module 2
Finance planning is a game: Let’s play!


  • Group work: team up with your colleagues to understand financial statements and the meaning of the performance indicators of a business idea.
  • Evaluate different scenarios, measure your performance and profitability. A practical exercise in defining a business idea, interacting with other groups and presenting your conclusions to others.



  • Jorge Scharfhausen

    International Financial Consultant

    Jorge Scharfhausen is a financial consultant with wide international experience. Is founder partner and CEO on LAX Group, with companies in Portugal and in Spain. In his career, Jorge has advised a great number of startups to grow and succeed in international markets, such as Auto 1, EMOV, Audax, Koala Rest, or Open Safety. He is a consultant to Bulgari, Desigual, GEA Group, Media Saturn, MERIDA Bikes and Playmobil, among others. As a trainer, he has been developing programs in companies such as Cargill, Ferrero Ibérica, Sonangol, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Garrigues Lawyer Office, Dr. Oetker, Repsol, Endesa, Nestlé, Abertis or Panalpina. He integrates several Business Schools’ faculties in Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

About Pi School

Pi School is a next-generation School where Machine Intelligence meets Human Creativity and hosts game changers, entrepreneurs, risk takers, talented creatives and tech designers that aim to build an amazing future.

The School offers professional education programmes in the fields of innovation, creativity and design alongside technology with specific focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The core idea is to never be static, move with the world, to be ahead of today’s problems and facilitate cross-industry and interdisciplinary solutions. It provides room for self-expression, inspiration, innovation and visionary thinking and connects those ideas to actions and results.

It offers mentorship and accompanies those who want to reshape society and open them doors to new possibilities.

Pi School is founded by Jamshid Alamuti and Marco Trombetti in 2016. They lived parallel lives and they both searched relentlessly for a new model of education: miles away from each other, they both yearned to create Education 2.0. Since September 15th of 2017, PI’s schools offer a set of various disciplines within the school such as the School of Artificial Intelligence and the School of Creative Entrepreneurship.

Pi School is located in Pi Campus startup district, in a beautiful Villa in Rome, Italy.

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