Future Jobs Design Program

Challenge old-school creative roles and make work change for you!

The Future Jobs Design Program is back this fall to support creative talents’ transition towards new career roles and helps them identify, measure and deploy their capabilities to meet the hybrid workforce requirements of the future.

Who is this program for?

This program is for every curious, motivated and visionary individual looking to creatively transform the world by making the best out of their abilities. It is for anyone with working experience and who are looking to learn about the future of work and the pivoting roles they can access thanks to their creative skills. It is for the risk-takers who want to design work opportunities and act on aligning their talents with a tangible need.

Program overview

This hybrid edition of the program will be delivered both online and on-site and will take you on a 4-week journey of self-discovery and career repositioning. Starting with evaluating and measuring your skills, moving to an assessment of your abilities and knowledge and finally sketching a pivot for your career using your transferable skills and skills foresight.

In three online sessions we will focus on self-reflection, exploration and ideation, via one-on-one interactions and teamwork, and you will receive feedback aimed at enabling your true potential to design your optimal career path.

The Program will culminate with a live session in Rome, where you will have the opportunity to define your next career pivot with the support of your peers and mentors. You will have 2 days to explore inspiring locations in the city and prototype, and use sketching to present final ideas.

Guest Speaker Teddy Pahagbia, one of the Top 30 Most Influential People in The Metaverse

  • Teddy Pahagbia

    Founder at BLVCK PiXEL

    Teddy Pahagbia is an out-of-the-box thinker!
    He is an entrepreneur and a tech geek. Teddy is a former Consulting Manager and has worked for mid to large size companies from various industries and government agencies in Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.
    He is the founder of BLVCK PiXEL, a company that helps brands and businesses to transform through digital innovation like augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, blockchains, artificial intelligence, and advanced data management systems. BLVCK PiXEL’s vision is to achieve business growth on the scope of technology immersed with a human-centred approach for purpose-driven innovation.


  • START DATE October 5th, 2021
  • DURATION 3 weeks online + 2 days live in Rome
  • LOCATION Online + Rome
  • PRICE 350€. Includes online, onsite sessions and farewell dinner in Rome.
  • EARLY BOOKING RECOMMENDED To ensure the best learning experiences, we offer a limited number of seats for this program. Early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your participation.
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Create your personal skills taxonomy

Sketch a pivot for your career

Explore the main areas of the future of work

Enhance foresight and self-leadership skills

Learn more about the future augmented workforce


You will receive a toolbox to use throughout the program, delivered in a digital file which will contain the program methodology together with individual and group exercises, canvases and curated readings.


One ZOOM group call per week, every Tuesday, from 6PM to 8PM Central European Time (CET).

Session 1. Debriefing Talent

You will learn to ask better questions that will lead to a better understanding of what you stand for in relation to your future professional development and your personal wellbeing. We will debrief the following concepts: vocation, service and vision.

Session 2. Stating a Pivot

You will cluster your skills and learn how to measure and deploy your personal capabilities. You will be preassigned a partner to help you do the personalized skills mapping and sketch a pivot for your future career.

Session 3. Career discovery journey

You will explore the 3 main areas of the future of work and ideate where to establish your career pivot by using it as a guideline to address a tangible need.


Rome, 2 days. From 9AM to 1PM morning sessions and from 3PM to 6PM afternoon sessions. Pi School Rome Campus – morning session. Partner locations in city center – afternoon sessions.

Foresight and prototyping

You will learn more about the future augmented workforce from guest speakers and you will come together to leverage each other’s experience. You will close the skills gap by narrowing down your strengths and identify areas you need to upskill to own a future role. You will discover opportunities for change and build actions to activate that change.

The rise of a new era in human capital

Before COVID-19, 29% of business leaders were focused on reimagining work and improving employee experience; today, this number has risen to 61%. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rise of a new era in human capital and talent acquisition, where the increased digitization of businesses and the development of technologies like 5G, AI, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain call for a hybrid workforce, needed to perform tasks that require both human and technical skills.

Continual reinvention

As technological development will constantly reset the way forward, you will need to sustain a permanent state of continuous professional reinvention to future proof your career. To help you thrive in this rapidly changing world of work, we created the Future Jobs Design Program, a mix of design thinking and strategic foresight to align your natural rhythm with a new work-life equation.


“The Future Jobs Design Program allowed me to stop worrying and look at my situation from different angles - Now, I have a solid foundation to pivot in multiple directions.”

—Lado Malazonia

“For the past 15 years of my career, being a hybrid creative has proven to be a challenge. I'm incredibly grateful to have taken part in the Future Jobs Design program which helped me to embrace, celebrate and empower the hybrid creative in me.”

—Alexandre Nobre

“It’s really rare to have a dedicated space and time to discuss change and Dalia did a very good job in providing that and the language to talk about these things. This experience has made the future feel more real and brought it into the now, for us to do something about it.”

—Salem Paulos

“I particularly enjoyed the build more questions part. This session makes one more mindful of one’s thoughts and ideas. It gave me a sense of wonder just enough to be critical but not too much to overanalyze things. This is a brain booster, I must say.”

— Celeste Landicho

Dalia Poleac, Future Jobs Design Program Designer and Director

  • Designer and Trend Forecaster

    Futurist, passionate about human design and the morphology of business. Since 2018, a social dialogue stimulator, with vast experience in designing public spaces for shared knowledge and co-creation, in 2021 Dalia opens a far-reaching conversation that covers the Future of Work, Job Design and Hybridization. Dalia launches “Future Jobs Design”, a design program delivering strategic tools to support long life career transitions, and connect enterprises and creatives to find future growth opportunities matching the potential of both.

    Dalia Poleac website

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