Artificial Intelligence meets human creativity

Pi School is a leading international institution that gathers game-changers in technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Headquartered in Rome, inside the startup community of Pi Campus, the School promotes the meeting of the latest state-of-the-art technology with the most innovative ideas.

Pi School is the meeting point for innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. The school provides the best learning environment, networking opportunities, and insights on the latest business trends. Get inspired by real stories, learn with your peers, and explore new opportunities.

Tools to master the future

At Pi School, we understand, anticipate, and adapt to the new dynamics of the world. We fill the educational gap between college and the work market and provide tools for continuous learning, training talents to generate value and impact in artificial intelligence, design, creativity, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Pi School is for people interested in coming together to exchange, expand their horizons and learn from one another to build an amazing future: highly skilled engineers, brilliant creative minds, young global talents,  innovators, experienced senior leaders and people who believe their ideas have the power to change the world.

Our community

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    Isabelle Andrieu

    Isabelle Andrieu is an entrepreneur and serial investor in startups. She has an adventurous career journey as she is Co-Founder of Translated one of the first Internet-based translation services, Co-Founder and First Citizen of Pi Campus. She masters change and defines balance as “finding peace while you’re climbing a ladder”. Isabelle takes care of the workplace's improvement, and she is the main point of reference for startups who need to hire new talents.
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    Marco Trombetti

    Co-founder & Serial Entrepreneur
    He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in innovation. Besides being responsible for the overall administration of Translated, Marco is pursuing research in machine learning models for integrating machine translation in a human translation workflow. He invests in growth-stage technology ventures through Pi Campus.
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    Jamshid Alamuti


    Disrupter. Dedicated to everyone around him. Transformational strategist. Development expert. Creative leader. A born communicator. Those are some of the words used to describe his multifaceted nature. Alamuti's rare ability to bring different people together led him to his current project: combining technology and creativity, and apply them to innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. His track record is wide and diversified, from Arts to Business, Educational and Personal Development. His latest project, Pi School, gathers his aspirations, expertise and recognition.

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    Sébastien Bratières

    Managing Director
    Sébastien plays an active role inside the startup district and venture fund Pi Campus, where he is Director of AI at Translated, and Managing Director at Pi School. After taking an Ingénieur degree from École Centrale Paris, and an MPhil in computer speech and language processing from the University of Cambridge, Sébastien spent 16 years in the speech and language industry in different European ventures. Moving on to machine learning and AI applications more broadly, he took a PhD in probabilistic machine learning with Zoubin Ghahramani at the University of Cambridge.
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    Valerio Lanni

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    Cristiano De Nobili

    Lead AI Scientist
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    Elena Mazza

    Programme Manager School of AI
    Elena is an experienced multifaceted professional. At Pi School, she is in charge of Programme Management of the School of AI, assuring every activity is successful. A true polyglot, Elena has a background in Translation and an in-depth knowledge of languages. She has worked in different sectors, from non-profit to startups, and now she stepped in into the AI world to make a real difference in education.
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    Lucia Bracci

    Communication Strategist
    Lucia Bracci is a Communication Strategist at Pi School. She is responsible for developing and implementing effective communication strategies that target various stakeholders, including students, partners, and sponsors. This includes managing social media accounts, designing marketing campaigns, producing engaging content for the school's website, and ensuring all communication aligns with the organization's values and objectives. Furthermore, Lucia's role requires her to analyze and interpret data to measure the effectiveness of communication strategies and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes. Through her work, she helps strengthen Pi School's reputation and brand and contributes to its success as a leader in digital innovation education.
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    Maytee Rodriguez

    Programme Development & Communication Coach
    • Faculty Advisors

    Marcello Federico

    Faculty Advisor - School of AI
    A pioneer in the field of machine translation, Marcello’s research focuses on methods to integrate human and automated translation. Marcello is the co-founder and scientific advisor of MateCat and ModernMT, a project which aims to deliver real-time domain-adaptive neural machine translation. After several years of experience, he is now serving as a Principal Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services. Marcello has co-authored over 180 scientific publications on machine translation, language modeling, speech recognition, and information retrieval. He has been a committee member at all the major international industry conferences and is also a senior member of the IEEE and the ACM. Marcello graduated “summa cum laude” from the University of Milan in 1989.
    • Faculty Advisors

    Hassan Sawaf

    Advisory Board Member - School of AI
    After completing his PhD at RWTH Aachen, Hassan started off as a researcher, but quickly branched out and set up a speech-to-speech translation company. He has served as a CEO or Chief Scientist for several ventures in the speech recognition industry. He joined eBay in 2013 and became Head of AI before leaving to head up Amazon's AI where he was Director of AI for 2 years. Hassan serves as a board member and advisor for a number of AI companies which he helped to found, including Witlingo and Gyant. Hassan also makes angel investments through Keiretsu.
    • Faculty Advisors

    Alex Waibel

    Advisory Board Member - School of AI
    A pioneer in neural network speech recognition, Alex invented time-delay networks in 1989 as part of his PhD at CMU, having previously graduated from MIT with a BSc in 1979. In addition to his academic career, he has co-founded 10 successful commercial ventures. One of these, Jibbigo, was acquired by Facebook in 2013, leading Alex to found Facebook's Language Technologies group. He has received more prizes and distinctions than we have space to list here, and is a fellow of the IEEE and a member of the German Academy of Sciences.