AI-driven Inventory Management Optimisation

Combining technology and business brings great opportunities and significant challenges. The story we are about to tell is quite recent and comes from a startup we helped during Session 14 of our flagship programme, Pi School of AI. In this article, we’ll illustrate how using AI-driven Inventory Management Optimisation and Predicting Demand improves operational efficiency and creates competitive advantages.

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12 June 2024

A quick guide to LLM inference

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04 June 2024

Pinocchio lives again thanks to AI in This is Wonderland – Back to the Wood

Following last year's success with over half a million visitors, "This is Wonderland" returns with a new exhibition path from 31 May 2024: Pinocchio, Back to Wood. The narrative re Read more
Case studies
15 April 2024

AI-driven Inventory Management Optimisation

Combining technology and business brings great opportunities and significant challenges. The story we are about to tell is quite recent and comes from a startup we helped during Se Read more
06 February 2024

Interested in shaping the future of healthcare as a biotech entrepreneur?

Embark on a startup adventure with Pi School's transformative 5-week journey, designed for biotech, healthcare students, and startup enthusiasts. Join over 100 Digital Twins Pionee Read more
24 January 2024

EDITH European Virtual Human Twin

Pi School is delighted to announce its participation in the Virtual Human Twin (VHT) project, a flagship initiative of the European Commission, poised to revolutionise medical rese Read more
Tech talk
18 January 2024

Cat AI: Revolutionizing AI Assistant Development

Watch the Pi School's exclusive Tech Talk with Nicola Procopio hosted on January 24, 2024, during Session 14 of the Pi School of AI Session 14. Discover 'Cheshire Cat AI,' an open- Read more
15 January 2024

Pitch Day – Pi School of AI Session 14

Pitch Day for Session 14 of the Pi School of AI was on February 9, 2024, at 7:30 PM CET. Read more
Tech talk
12 January 2024

Data Products and Data-Driven Actionable Insights at Scale

It was a pleasure having Adrian Buzatu, a prominent figure in particle physics and data analysis, at Pi School for the enlightening tech talk “Data Products and Data-Driven Actio Read more
Press release
20 December 2023

Pi School Collaborates with Orrick on a Financial Times Legal Innovation Award-Winning Data Solution

Pi School, at the forefront of AI innovation, is pleased to announce its significant contribution to Orrick's recognition in the Financial Times 2023 North America Innovative Lawye Read more
Tech talk
20 December 2023

AI Agents: Exploring the Potential of Web-Enabled LLMs

Welcome to a world where technology meets innovation, where Large Language Models (LLMs) are not just tools but partners in our digital journey. Gone are the days when LLMs were co Read more
Case studies
15 December 2023

Revolutionizing Inventory Management in Fair Trade Retail

In the evolving landscape of fair trade, small retail shops face unique challenges in managing their inventory efficiently. Pi School recognises the importance of sustainable and e Read more
Tech talk
11 December 2023

Robotics Meets Foundation Models

Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of a new era, and Pi School is at the forefront of this revolution. We're excited to announce our upcoming tech talk titled Robotics x Found Read more


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