Senior LLMs Scientist – LLM4EO

About the job

About Pi School

Pi School is on a mission to empower businesses and professionals to leverage the transformative capabilities of AI. We believe technology should be an enabler, not a barrier, and it should empower individuals and businesses to grow, innovate, and stay connected. And strive for a world where AI and human potential coexist harmoniously, reshaping the way we work, learn, and prosper.

Born in 2017 from the expertise of Translated, an industry pioneer with over two decades of leadership in AI + human translation, Pi School has helped over 100 companies integrate AI solutions to improve their operations, enhance decision-making, and achieve sustainable growth. The school’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI expertise and tailored solutions has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner in the business community.

The school remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving AI landscape and collaborates with prominent research centres and organisations worldwide to harness AI for both cutting-edge research and practical solutions, driving progress in science and beyond. Our approach is founded on purposeful, impactful work, leveraging technology as a force for good.

The project: Large Language Model for Earth Observation and Earth Science

Pi School has recently joined a collaborative research project focusing on Large Language Models (LLMs) for Earth Observation and Earth Science. This 18-month initiative, led by Pi School, aims to foster the development of a new generation of AI-powered “Digital Assistant” interfaces tailored for Earth Observation (EO) and derived Earth Science textual information. By harnessing the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more specifically Large Language Models (LLMs), we aim to prototype and demonstrate a fair and reliable EO Virtual Expert. Such domain-specific LLMs hold immense potential to enhance communication and presentation of EO scientific knowledge

The project, which will be compliant with Open Science principles, is related to the following research areas: Deep Learning, Large Language Models (LLMs), and AI Digital Assistants. The project offers the opportunity to collaborate with leading AI teams from both academia and industry.

The ideal candidate should be passionate about designing and implementing Large-scale Language Models for Earth Observation purposes. Additionally, they should be capable of coordinating technical, communication, and team activities for our Large Language Model for Earth Observation and Earth Science project.

What You’ll Do

You will be part of Pi School’s AI Research team, focusing on various technologies including Large Language Models, as well as Machine and Deep Learning. In this role, you will:

  • Work with data, compute and algorithms.
  • Design of deep learning neural architectures.
  • Fine tune, customise and improve pre-trained Large Language Models.
  • Design experiments, implement them in code, execute them on high computing platforms (GPU on HPC) and conduct evaluations.
  • Monitor and benchmark the state of the art.
  • Improve model reliability and mitigate biases and hallucinations.
  • Provide guidance to junior team members, such as PhD students and interns.
  • Coordinate with our partners on our research roadmap.
  • Adapt the project’s pace to the rapid scientific development in our field.
  • Organise publications and efforts related to open-sourcing.


  • Completed PhD or 4 years of industry research experience in a relevant field of deep learning, particularly language modelling.
  • Excellent programming skills in Python, ML/DL frameworks, especially Pytorch.
  • Familiarity with Docker and Linux, including running GPU experiments.
  • Demonstrated interest in conducting experimental research.
  • Track record of relevant scientific publications, along with teaching and research experience.
  • Industry experience in language technology.
  • Experience with training and fine-tuning Large Language Models.
  • Knowledge of both basic and advanced prompting techniques.
  • Excellent proficiency in English

Bonus points if…

  • You have expertise in multi-GPU training and GPU training optimization.
  • You possess prior experience in the Earth Observation sector.
  • You have made significant open-source contributions.
  • You have published papers at top-tier ML/AI conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML, ACL, or EMNLP.

Our office

Pi School is hosted at Pi Campus, a working environment immersed in nature where 6 luxury villas in Rome (Italy) have been converted into functional offices to foster talent growth. Pi Campus is also a venture firm created by Translated to reinvest part of its profits into promising AI startups.

Benefits and Perks
Our working environment is both relaxed and intense. We are passionate about our mission, and our work is highly regarded in our industry.

  • Fresh fruit and snacks
  • Access to the pool and Turkish bath
  • Sports activities: gym and pilates
  • Free time in between your tasks to work on your personal projects
  • Access to the Campus parties and gatherings

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At Pi School, we proudly embrace and celebrate each individual’s unique qualities to our team, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other differences. We recognise that these diverse perspectives empower us to overcome challenges, foster innovation, and drive excellence. As an inclusive and equal-opportunity employer, we are committed to cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and supported to achieve their full potential.

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