Design the future.
Be the change.Pushing boundaries and making your vision become a reality takes creativity, innovative skills and an eye for beauty. It takes original ideas, a problem-solving mind and deep insights. It takes trusted relationships and a nurturing environment. And more than anything, it takes a willingness to risk it all and the curiosity to discover what’s next. Embarking you on this incredible learning journey is our mission. Using expertise in the fields of Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, machine learning, and design, our school of creative entrepreneurship provides you with a unique understanding of the creative requirements and marketplace opportunities of our fast-changing times. Together we believe we can be the change.

  • To us, entrepreneurs are more than leaders, they are makers with a think-new attitude.

    Entrepreneurs are inventors in a way that profoundly differentiates them from leaders. Sometimes they can be both. But people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk won’t be remembered for their managing and organizational skills, they will be remembered because they opened up dimensions we didn’t know existed and changed the very fabric of society. Their products have become staples and made our lives easier, more beautiful and more inspiring. This definition of the Entrepreneur is the pillar of our vision and the core of our Creative Entrepreneurship concept.
  • Creative entrepreneurship, the key to creating the change you want to see in the world

    A true entrepreneur is ready to kick-start again and again. He never gets stuck in one place. Entire industries and their leaders have aged and gotten stuck without the help of creative minds to guide them into the future. We believe that we can all take inspiration from entrepreneurs and their ability to jump, fail, succeed, learn from their mistakes, rebound and go someplace entirely new. Our world is at the cross-roads and it needs creative entrepreneurship more than ever Now is the time to re-think the concept of leadership and let the new generation give our living and working a brand new shape.

Creativity, the missing ingredient of modern entrepreneurship.

We want to help you create more than just technology. We want to help you create technology designed for the best human values, technology that sparks the imagination with incredible design and unique user journeys. For that, entrepreneurs need to have a strong vision, and to have a strong vision, they need to have a creative mind. One cannot exist without the other. We believe creativity is the key to achieving technology that unlocks new wealth and gives more value to the world.

Empowering your ideas and redefining entrepreneurship together

Our school merges creativity, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship into a uniquely agile and inspirational method of learning, which relies on interventions of key players, workshops and customized solutions for each project.

We aim to bring cross-industry engineers and creative minds together and make them enhance each other’s crafts, services and products.

We believe the world needs great engineers, creative people, leaders and followers, entrepreneurs and oddballs who dare to step out of traditional patterns and we believe that merging their skills and knowledge will create a brighter future for our planet.

We not only want to be part of this movement, we want to provide the perfect platform for it to happen.

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