EDITH European Virtual Human Twin

A Pi School-EU Commission Collaboration

Pi School is delighted to announce its participation in the European Virtual Human Twin (VHT) project, a flagship initiative of the European Commission, poised to revolutionise medical research and healthcare.

The EDITH Coordination and Support Actions are at the centre of the VHT initiative, which focuses on building an ecosystem for the Virtual Human Twin. This Virtual Human Twin represents a comprehensive and ever-evolving digital map of human pathophysiology.

This VHT is designed to fast-track patient-specific predictive models for clinical decision support, aiding personal health forecasting and de-risking personalised medical product development.
Pi School’s involvement in EDITH exemplifies its commitment to driving innovation in healthcare. The European VHT platform will emerge through EDITH, pooling resources and assets to advance virtual twins in healthcare, incorporating vital resources like data, models, algorithms, computing power, and storage.

As a key consortium partner, Pi School recently engaged in a pivotal event in Paris, marking a significant step forward for the VHT initiative. Held at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, the meeting gathered diverse stakeholders to discuss the VHT project’s future.

EDITH European Digital Twin

The Paris meeting aimed to refine the VHT roadmap, covering topics like clinical uptake, commercialisation, real-world data, AI, ethics, and resource integration.

The outcomes of this meeting are crucial for the future development of the VHT, leading to a detailed 10-year plan to be finalised at the second public VHT ecosystem meeting in Amsterdam.

The VHT initiative, with Pi School’s active participation, is poised to bring significant advancements in our understanding of human physiology and pathology. EDITH is leading the way towards a new era in personalised medicine, enhancing our comprehension of human health on a deeper level.

We’re eager to share the following milestones of this groundbreaking journey. Stay tuned, and see you in Amsterdam for the next significant leg of this adventure.