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AI for Administrative Tasks: making AI doing tasks in the Administration Department saving 20% of the monthly working time

Francesca is working as Accounting Manager at Translated, the Pi Campus founder company and one of the sponsors of the challenges that involve Pi School students. Since its foundation, Translated has gained a well-deserved reputation for automating tedious tasks allowing their translators worldwide to concentrate only on their translation jobs.

How can AI for Administrative Tasks be helpful? A few months ago, Francesca dedicated four days of her monthly work associating payment methods with customers who placed more than one order online and paid using different payment methods.

Suppose a single customer can use different credit cards and other payment methods such as Paypal and bank transfer. How can we determine that all of the payment methods correspond to one single customer? This problem affects most of the companies that sell online nowadays.

AI for Administrative Tasks Francesca Vurro PiSchool
Francesca Vurro, Accounting Manager at Translated.

Francesca, thank you for your time. Can you please explain your working process before the introduction of AI?

Hi, It’s my pleasure! As you said previously, I spent four days of my monthly work associating the payments received from each client to close the invoices issued for the purchased translations. It corresponds to 20% of my monthly working time. I manually selected the payment method (PayPal – Credit Card – Bank Transfer) from our system and reconciled the amount received with the invoices’ total amount. It was a painful process that generated potential human errors.

What were your feelings when you had to complete that kind of task?

While achieving such jobs, I felt tired and unsatisfied in spending my time on a repetitive and non-challenging duty. I thought that I could not express my full potential.

How do you feel working for a company that cares about time in a human view?

Working in an environment where time is considered an asset and allowing employees to spend it on more productive tasks makes me feel appreciated, encouraged to explore my full potential and continuous professional and personal growth.

To address this specific challenge, Pi School AI engineers designed a ‘behavior-based customer segmentation model’ implemented successfully and effectively generated the desired customer profiling to automate the task.

Thanks to AI’s use, Francesca’s tedious and repetitive jobs to manually and individually manage have automatically resolved. She can dedicate her time to more challenging tasks for herself and more advantageous for the company.

Does your company have any repetitive tasks that AI methods might solve?