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27 July 2022

Patents4IPPC: new improvements to our tool for achieving zero pollution

20 December 2021

Circular economy: Patents4IPPC the tool for zero pollution

25 November 2021

Pi School sponsored the AIforPeople conference 2021

19 March 2021

AI for Administrative Tasks: making AI doing tasks in the Administration Department saving 20% of the monthly working time

22 December 2020

Top 2021 trends: technology meets business

16 September 2020

Isabelle Andrieu on the new chapters of Pi School

02 September 2020

Elements of the Creative Incubator

28 August 2020

Last call for the Creative Incubator 2020

18 August 2020

A sneak peek into the future

12 August 2020

What Makes a Happy Data Scientist

17 June 2020

Choosing the path towards conscious business

03 June 2020

A Creative’s Rationale

26 May 2020

A safe learning environment for the post Covid-19

22 April 2020

Notes from the sidelines

24 March 2020

#AI4Good: Four ways technology can help to fight Covid-19

11 February 2020

Looking down at the earth with artificial intelligence

23 January 2020

Using artificial intelligence to act on climate change

13 January 2020

Challenges you need to know about when applying AI in your business.

06 November 2019

Getting our facts Str AI ght: Myths and Truths about Artificial Intelligence

05 October 2019

3 times Artificial Intelligence Saved the Day

20 September 2019

How many questions can a kid ask about AI?

29 July 2019

The Youth Needs A Guide: White Paper On Next Generation Startups

24 June 2019

Making legal work more agile with AI

31 May 2019

Improving your health through your mind: The impact of emotional intelligence

17 April 2019

A wrap-up of the past Creative Incubator Rome’19: new problem-solving approaches for society

20 March 2019

3 ways Design and AI are shaping the world

14 March 2019

Moving from Me to We culture: a workshop for Poste Italiane

07 February 2019

Creating 3D images from a photo: exploring the potential of projecting virtual scenarios

23 January 2019

The Typical Daily Routine of a Participant of the School of AI

04 January 2019

Fake followers, fake influence, and fake news: the importance of detecting spam bots on Twitter