Tech talk

Augment data analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Tech Talk with Simone Di Somma


Simone Di Somma is the Managing Director of Askdata, a startup recently acquired by SAP that developed an AI-driven platform that allows users to answer any data-related questions with a simple search.
Simone is an AI expert with a research focus on natural language processing, automated data analysis and human data augmentation.
Before founding Askdata, backed by Y Combinator, Simone worked at Philip Morris and Hewlett-Packard across the USA, Europe and the Middle East.


In the talk “Augment data analytics with Artificial Intelligence“, Simone discussed how large language models could be deployed to simplify data analytics.
He explained how these models could be used to automatically perform natural language tasks and requests and improve the production workflow of the knowledge workers who usually rely on traditional data analytics tools such as dashboards and reports. Real cases of AI deployed alongside humans to augment their capabilities.