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18 January 2024

Cat AI: Revolutionizing AI Assistant Development

12 January 2024

Data Products and Data-Driven Actionable Insights at Scale

20 December 2023

AI Agents: Exploring the Potential of Web-Enabled LLMs

11 December 2023

Robotics Meets Foundation Models

11 September 2023

An IoT Data Infrastructure for Climate Change Monitoring

04 September 2023

Building Efficient Mathematical Reasoners in the LLM Era

11 August 2023

Classic and Explainable AI Methods in Vaccine Development

01 August 2023

On the geometry of Large Language Models representations

21 July 2023

Designing efficient and modular neural networks

12 April 2023

Tech Talk with Alberto Danese and Stefano Gatti

03 April 2023

At the Crossroads between Logic Language and Generation

24 March 2023

Tech talk with Chiara Mugnai co-founder and CTO at Eoliann

17 March 2023

Multi-Source Diffusion Models for Simultaneous Music Generation and Separation

31 October 2022

Technical Details of Diffusion-Based Generative Models

24 October 2022

Interpreting Neural Language Models with Alessio Miaschi

17 October 2022

Augment data analytics with Artificial Intelligence

10 October 2022

Efficient AI with Nebuly: tech talk with Emile Courthoud

27 September 2022

Generative Models: Tech Talk with Gabriele Lombardi CTO at ARGO Vision

21 April 2022

Tech Talk with Giulia De Rossi and Raffaele Mauro from Primo Ventures

14 April 2022

Introduction to Continual Learning

11 April 2022

How AI can improve society: Tech Talk with AI for People

05 April 2022

The state-of-the-art Driver Monitoring systems and future ADAS

28 March 2022

Non Destructive Testing

21 January 2022

Transformers in NLP: does size matter?

19 January 2022

AI policy, the European approach to AI. Talk with Emanuela Girardi.

10 January 2022

Tech talk with Andrea Santilli: Huggingface’s BigScience initiative