Legal Intern – AI Compliance
(Onsite, Rome)

Role Overview

We’re looking for an intern who will contribute to two cutting-edge European research projects:

  • Meetween: funded by the European Commission, aims to create AI-based technologies for next-generation video conferencing, supporting multilingual and seamless collaboration;
  • LLM4EO: funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), aims to develop a domain-specific Large Language Model (LLM) and chat agents like ChatGPT for Earth Science and Earth Observation, enhancing communication, content creation, and information processing;

These two projects involved the use of recent technologies like AI and are promising in impact, but they also present nice and challenging legal aspects. Indeed, with such progress comes myriad legal considerations, from data privacy and intellectual property to regulatory compliance and ethical use of AI. It is critical to effectively bridge the gap between AI engineering and legal issues, requiring a proactive approach and seamless collaboration between legal and engineering teams.

As a legal intern, you will be crucial in navigating this landscape, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, and fostering innovation within a robust legal framework.
As part of your challenges, your strategy will involve several key actions, such as determining the copyright status of text sources with our team or applying legal safeguards where possible. This strategy ensures compliance and provides open-source legal guidance to support small, ad hoc, or volunteer organisations in their LLM fine-tuning efforts.

More about Meetween

Meetween is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to build the AI-based technology solutions needed to power the next generation of video conferencing platforms, which will support smooth, engaging, and barrier-free collaboration across languages, geographies, and time zones.
The project will build multilingual speech foundation models and datasets that allow seamless speech, text and video integration. These will be released openly yielding broad downstream commercial and scientific benefits. Further, 20 task-specific models targeting use cases like speech translation, transcription and summarisation will be released.

More about LLM4EO

The LLM4EO project aims to produce a domain-specific LLM and chat agent specialising in Earth sciences and observation. Such models hold the promise of wide-ranging impact on scenarios involving the communication and presentation of EO scientific knowledge, such as content creation and live interaction in support of the public understanding of Earth Observation science, for example, to answer questions about ESA satellite missions; helpdesk for policymakers who need to quickly collect and process technical information prepared in accessible ways bibliographic search in the EO literature, summarisation and question answering vector database representation of EO documents (as supported by embeddings produced by the EO LLM). LLM4EO’s impact is strong enough to affect all current and future projects concerned with the production and communication of EO scientific material at scale.

About Pi School

Since 2017, Pi School has helped over 100 companies integrate AI solutions to improve their operations, enhance decision-making, and achieve sustainable growth. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI expertise and tailored solutions has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the business community.
Located in Rome, Italy, Pi School consistently leads in the rapidly changing AI sector, dedicating itself to enabling companies to harness AI’s transformative power. Moreover, Pi School collaborates with prestigious entities such as the European Space Agency, the European Commission, and other top-tier institutions, further enhancing its role in the innovation ecosystem.

Your activities at Pi School

  • Legal Analysis: Conduct legal analysis and serve as the interface between project lawyers and engineering teams.
  • Legal Queries: Formulate precise legal queries relevant to project work, including data collection, model training, and open sourcing.
  • Presentations and Reports: Write and present findings and recommendations to project management.
  • Publications: Author publications delineate our legal analysis and strategy, benefiting other open-source projects that lack the resources for such legal research.
  • Risk Quantification: Devise methods to quantify legal and compliance risks amid legal uncertainty and rapidly evolving technical capabilities.

Who You Are

  • Training: A law student pursuing a master’s degree or PhD.
  • AI Enthusiast: Deeply interested in legal issues surrounding new technologies, including AI.
  • Attention to detail and awareness of the big picture: The quality of your outcome, whether in academia or at work, is consistently rigorous. You understand the context in which you operate.
  • Language and presentation skills: Fluent in English, writing quality reports and briefs. You deliver presentations that are adapted to the audience, as you will speak to lawyers and engineers and to the level of detail required.

What We Offer

  • Internship stipend: All our interns are remunerated for their work.
  • Visibility and publication opportunities: Both projects are essential to Open Science. We aim to publish our legal analysis and strategy as whitepapers or peer-reviewed articles where possible.
  • Vibrant Working Environment: Among tech startups at Pi Campus, we converted six luxury villas into functional offices to make people feel at home and allow them to focus on new challenges daily without distractions.
  • Natural Harmony: Our offices strike the perfect balance between networking spaces and quiet rooms, with 12 m² of greenery per person, large gardens with meeting spaces, glass walls, and large windows to maximise natural light. Workspaces are fully equipped with design furniture.
  • Wellness Amenities: Access to a pool and a gym with a free personal trainer and a complimentary massage once a month.


This internship lasts 4-6 months. Ideally, it would fit into your studies, and you could base your master’s or PhD thesis research on it.

Application Process

If you’re ready to dive into the world of AI compliance and make a significant impact, we encourage you to apply. The selection process includes an initial application screening and a series of tests and interviews to assess your approach to unfamiliar problems and your fit with our team.
At Pi School, we proudly embrace and celebrate each individual’s unique qualities to our team, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other differences. We recognise that these diverse perspectives empower us to overcome challenges, foster innovation, and drive excellence. As an inclusive and equal opportunity employer, we are committed to cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and supported to achieve their full potential. So, if you’re excited about the role and believe you could excel, go ahead and apply!

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