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Jamshid Alamuti speaks at C de C 2018

Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and co-founder of Pi School, was invited to join this year’s edition of the Festival de Creativos de España, in San Sebastián. From the 11th to the 13th of April, Jamshid lead two talks and a workshop on the role of Artificial Intelligence in the creative world.

The importance of the mix of technology and creativity to be innovative was one of the arguments debated on both talks. Pi School’s CEO brought a positive point of view on Artificial Intelligence to the conversation, highlighting that technology can give the only things that humans can’t buy: time.

Jamshid Alamuti challenged the audience to lose fear and think of the benefits that advances in the field of technology can bring to the human being. And as an experienced professional in creative fields himself, Jamshid shared the idea that actually AI can allow humans to be more creative, and to concentrate on tasks that only flesh and bones individuals can do: being inspired, create, innovate.


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