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Making legal work more agile with AI

If you think of today’s world and the changes that have happened in society, you would be amazed by the number of tasks that still rely on humans. If it is true that many sci-fi scenarios and Black Mirror episodes seem to get closer each day, when it comes to our daily routine tasks, there is still a lot of room for improvement. 

One of the goals of the School of Artificial Intelligence is indeed to address important day-to-day issues, such as the development of an automated solution for extracting information from legal documents. A task which, on average, requires 20% of the staff of a notary office working full-time.

Notartel, the company that produces and manages computer and electronic services for the Italian National Notary Association, came to Pi School to invest in the development of a possible solution to be implemented all over the country. And to follow that quest, we have selected two talented participants fully dedicated during 8-weeks: Engineer Giacomo Gallino and Computer Scientist Luca Moschella.

One of our main claims at Pi School is that automation will free people’s time and allow them to be more creative, innovative, and reach their fullest potential. And that was a shared vision of Pi School and Notartel from day one.

“In our project, AI is not replacing humans but supporting them.” Luca Moschella

Luca explains that the main goal of the project was to explore and identify the best in-house solution to use Notartel’s data to enhance the work of every Notary office. But the team was ambitious from the beginning: “we wanted to understand which was the best solution for our sponsor and to get to a prototype in only eight-weeks”, says Luca. 

Being responsible for managing and delivering a project requires a broad view, from stakeholder’s meetings to programming. At Pi School, participants have ownership of their development and a great responsibility towards the sponsor company.

“Even though we used common technologies and approaches in our project, it was very challenging from other perspectives,” says Giacomo. Other than time, one of the greatest learnings was to deal with different stakeholders, understand how to translate technical concepts into business terms, and how to sell their ideas. And that is why we hosted an exclusive lecture with Marco Trombetti, CEO and co-founder of Pi Campus, who coached all the participants on how to pitch to investors. With his international experience as an investor and a startup manager itself, Marco Trombetti gave a talk with the biggest learnings from his career and helped the teams define their projects within business terms.

Giacomo and Luca gathered at Pi School for different reasons, as Giacomo was very interested in working on a project with real clients and manage relations with them, while Luca wanted to deepen his knowledge in the field of AI as he will soon start his Ph.D.

When talking about the experience at Pi School, Luca highlighted the opportunity of working in an international environment: “one of the best things about being here is to have met several people from other nations that I would have never met otherwise. This cultural exchange is a great advantage.”

“I've been working in multicultural contexts for a while now, and Pi School is the perfect example of what you will find at an international company.” Giacomo Gallino

At the end of this edition, both participants are satisfied with the results obtained in such a short time. Together with Notartel, they have studied, learned and reinforced their expertise in the field. In return for sponsoring their time at Pi School, Notartel receives a prototype and guidelines to automatize legal routine processes.

At Pi School, we are glad to be one step closer to the future and to contribute to a balance between human creativity and machine intelligence.

  • Marta Romão

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