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Micro-Conference: Will Artificial Intelligence be a danger to the cultural heritage of our greatest cities?

On Saturday 14th of April, Pi School hosted Allianz’s next Micro-conference on how to embrace the positive changes AI promises while safeguarding the individual culture and heritage of cities like Rome.

From autonomous cars to drone delivery, Artificial Intelligence has already worked its way into the fabric of our daily lives. Many experts believe AI is poised to transform the mobility industry – creating an entirely new ecosystem for how we move through the world. But how will an AI-driven transportation revolution change some of our most beloved cities and the lives of its inhabitants?

A panel of experts debated these issues, confronting very different opinions on the topic. Massimiliano del Barba (Technology & Innovation Reporter, Corriere della Sera) moderated the discussion between Marcello Federico (CEO, Modern MT),Bryn Balcombe (Chief Strategy Officer, Roborace), Telina Reil (Head of Business Transformation at Advanced Business Analytics, Allianz), Marco Trombetti (Pi Campus and Translated Co-founder and CEO), and Paolo Cellini (Board Member of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità and Professor of Internet Economics at LUISS Guido Carli).

Take a look at the debate here.

Watch the interviews to the panel of experts here.


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