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Pi School joined the 2017 edition of ADCE Festival

On the past 10th and 11th of November, Pi School was hosted in Barcelona to take part of the 4th European Creativity Festival, organized by the Art Directors Club of Europe, to present the new Creative Incubator Programme and to lead a workshop on the impact of Artificial Intelligence eco-system in the Creative Industry.

Credits to Carolina Sainz @carolinasainz

This year’s theme debated the way technology is shaping the future of the ideas and of creativity. Many relevant speakers from the industry shared their experience and their vision of how the world is going to be, giving real life examples of their creative work.

The importance of diversity and how we are assisting to a convergence of industries and a converge of skills, were some of the main focus of the debate. And we had great examples of that.

“We give superpowers to others with our creative skills”
Steve Vranakis

“We give superpowers to others with our creative skills”, said Steve Vranakis, from Google Creative Lab. His message to the creatives was clear: “we should all be creative activists”. Referring to the importance of understanding the hardships of the world, and the fact that creative people are capable of much more than selling, they’re capable of truly shaping the world.

Another fantastic example was given by Julio Obelleiro, from Wildbytes, who dared creatives to “play with unpredictability as core of design”, and that believes (as we do) that the formula to design is combining the human factor with technology.

“Play with unpredictability as core of design”
Julio Obelleiro

Credits to Carolina Sainz @carolinasainz

One very inspirational talk was that of Fernanda Romano, from Malagueta Group, that reminded the audience why humans are so special and why “AI won’t take our jobs”. It’s like from times to times people need to hear that “we have intuition and empathy, machines don’t”, and that “boredom makes us seek new territories, makes us be creative” and that this is something only humans can do.

Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School, presented the new Creative Incubator Programme right at the heart of it’s audience, and introduced this new chapter in collaboration with ADCE. “We mix technology, entrepreneurship and creativity, and focus on solving tomorrow’s problems of the creative industry” said Jamshid Alamuti. Find out more about it.

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