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Pi School sponsored the AIforPeople conference 2021

PiSchool sponsored AIforPeople conference 2021

We were super excited to sponsor the first edition of the AIforPeople conference CAIP’21.

AIforPeople aims to spread the word about the use of Artificial Intelligence for social good. They believe that technology should be at the service of people, not vice-versa. We at Pi School share the same values, so it was a pleasure to participate and contribute to this event.

The conference Towards Sustainable AI took place online from 20 to 24 November 2021. Sébastien Bratières, managing director of Pi School, Cristiano De Nobili, PhD Lead AI Scientist and Francesco Cariaggi, Deep Learning Engineer, hosted the workshop “Leveraging NLP to achieve environmental sustainability” – a worthwhile project developed in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

To learn more about the project, check out our presentation below.

Leveraging-NLP-to-achieve-environmental-sustainability-pischoolDownload the presentation Leveraging NLP to achieve environmental sustainability.

In addition, here is the Github Repository for technical details.

The Pi School team also participated in a roundtable discussion about AI and sustainability together with other organizations, such as MILA and ClimateChangeAI.

The video is available on Youtube.

We hope you enjoy the slides and the video.
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