Pitch Day – Pi School of AI Session 13

Pitch Day Pi School of AI session 13

Welcome to Session 13!

In this session, the Pi School of AI Fellows tackled four challenges to harness the business potential of artificial intelligence. They aided a crowdfunding company in unlocking the value of their proprietary database, a multimedia management software company in accessing and managing massive photo archives, a quaint bed&breakfast in automating and optimizing the hotel reservation process, and an educational institution in developing an always-on virtual tutor for personalized teaching. Fellows harnessed the capabilities of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models to improve business outcomes, enhance performance, and gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Join us to learn about the innovative solutions our Fellows are crafting, showcasing the potential of AI across diverse industries.

Pi School of AI Fellows will present the following Challenges

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Pitch Day Session 13

Join us on September 29 2023, at 5:00 PM CEST

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