Tech talk

The state-of-the-art Driver Monitoring systems and future ADAS

State of the art driver monitoring systems tech talk with Guido Borghi

Tech Talk with Guido Borghi

Guido Borghi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna, the campus of Cesena, at BioLab, where he collaborates with Prof. Davide Maltoni at the Machine Intelligence laboratory. Previously, he was a post-doc at the AImageLab, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, working under the supervision of Prof. Rita Cucchiara and Prof. Roberto Vezzani.

His research interests include Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques applied to intensity and depth images. Among his research topics, he has worked on Driver Attention Monitoring, Natural User Interfaces, Face Analysis (Face Recognition, Head Pose, Facial Landmarks) and Face Morphing Attack detection. In 2018, he spent four months at Stanford University at the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab, working on Human-Robot Interaction under the supervision of Prof.Silvio Savarese. He was also a member of the RedVisionLab, working in collaboration with Ferrari S.p.A., and he was involved in research for Anomaly Detection with the Italian Railway Company (RFI).


The loss of vehicle control is a common problem due to driving distractions, stress, fatigue and bad psycho-physical conditions. Furthermore, the future arrival of (semi-) self-driving cars and the necessary transition period, characterized by the coexistence of traditional and autonomous vehicles, will increase the already-high interest in driver surveillance systems.

In this talk, Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms applied to Depth Data will be introduced and discussed to implement state-of-the-art Driver Monitoring systems and future ADAS.