We open the door to the future and guide you through it.

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A next-generation kind of school

Pi School is made of game changers, entrepreneurs, risk takers, optimistic minds, talented creatives and tech designers. Pi school is made by us and by you. It is never static, it moves with the world. It facilitates cross-industry and interdisciplinary learning, self-expression, community action, mentorship and it accompanies those who want to reshape society and open the door to new possibilities.

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A word from our founders

"In the race to the future, technology makers have often forgotten quality and creativity, and yet these are the key to a brighter tomorrow for all of us, that’s why they are at the core of our project"

—Marco Trombetti, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder

“Don’t forget: moving forward is shaking off what holds you back and taking a leap with all your soul. Join us and let’s share an amazing future!”

—Jamshid Alamuti, CEO and Co-Founder