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#AI4Good: Four ways technology can help to fight Covid-19

It’s the third week of the lockdown in Italy. You wake up to another day filled with new routines and different interactions. From that yoga app you’ve downloaded to a baking session with your kids, your daily life has changed, challenging your resilience, creativity and optimism. Your efforts are contributing to fight this pandemic and you are in this together with the world.

As of March 24th, 2020, Covid-19 had taken the lives of 16,747 people, with over 386,406 document cases and it has officially affected 196 countries. All over the world, tech startups are getting involved with academics, clinicians and governments to explore new usages of their technology to fight the spread of the virus.


In this context, Pi School decided to help with its main expertise:

Developing pro-bono AI projects for good, that will help to research and fight Covid-19.

How exactly can artificial intelligence help? We explain it in four main topics.

1. Identify and predict outbreaks

By analyzing information from different sources, artificial intelligence can forecast the evolution of the pandemic, helping countries to prepare in advance. BlueDot, a global artificial intelligence database company, tracked over a hundred infectious diseases and was able to send a warning to its customers to avoid infected areas, earlier than official sources.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are a very relevant tool to share information in a fast, free and efficient way. Customer care centers are overwhelmed with requests, especially in the fields of travel and tourism. With the right AI-based technology, it’s easy to develop this communication channel, to provide information about the disease itself and how companies are dealing with it.

3. Optimize disease management

Looking at China, there are several examples of how AI can help manage the outbreak, minimize fatalities and inform on proper care procedures. China is using robots to provide faster diagnostic checks, limiting the contract with hospital staff. They have also launched an app that helps people check if they have taken public transportation with a confirmed coronavirus patient.

4. Medical Research

Google-owned AI company DeepMind, used its computing power to study the proteins associated with the virus and published the finds to help develop treatments. Thanks to the data released by those at the front of the outbreak, scientists can help the medical community to better understand how the virus functions.


At this stage of the outbreak, society needs companies to roll up their sleeves and start putting in action their plans. To facilitate this project, Pi School will help companies to launch their services or products in a short time, implementing the latest AI-based technologies.

If your company has an idea that will concretely help society, from disease prediction to individual assistance to people in quarantine, reach out to Pi School.

Would your company like to become a research partner and develop solutions for Covid-19? If you have the right idea and dataset, we have the most advanced knowledge and the best team.

  • Marta Romão

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