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Notartel AI Hackathon at Pi School: innovative solutions for the notary business

On the 24th of October, we hosted Notartel AI Hackathon, a challenge launched to the 20 engineers from 14 different countries who are currently enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence Programme of Pi School.

The participants had less than one day to come up with innovative AI-based solutions for the notary business. They explored automation tools that reduce the daily work in this field, such as data classification and document scanning, which will enable professionals to work faster in a more personalized way. The best proposal was awarded a 1.500€ Amazon gift card and will be presented at the Annual Notary National Association Congress.

Introductory briefing by Michele Manente
Introductory briefing by Michele Manente

The day started with an introduction of Pi School by Jamshid Alamuti, the CEO and Co-Founder, followed by an introductory brief by Michele Manente and Ugo Bechini, Component Commission IT, Italian Notaries Council, who explained the criteria for choosing the best idea: the innovation, feasibility and the business model behind it.

The proposals presented by the teams mainly focused on saving time and effort for the notaries, with recommendations that allow automating processes of the preliminary phases, such as using Natural Language Processing (NLP), to extract information from documents and check the completion of deeds, or creating a database that would allow the generation of intelligent models with information from previous deeds.

The winning proposal was developed by Joosep Lassmann, from Estonia, and Yuki Takahashi, from Japan. The team proposed the creation of a deed processing platform, presenting one AI-based solution for each phase of the notaries daily work, such as chatbots, a recommendation system for deed forms, and a recommendation system for articles. The artificial intelligence tools used would be text processing (NLP), deed clustering, and a recommendation engine.

The proposal will be now presented at the Annual Notary National Association Congress, on the 9th of November 2018.

Ugo Bechini and Pasquale Starace (Notartel) with the winners Joosep Lassmann and Yuki Takahashi.
Ugo Bechini and Pasquale Starace (Notartel) with the winners Joosep Lassmann and Yuki Takahashi.

Joosep Lassman is the Head of Data Science at askRobin. He graduated in Mathematical Statistics in Estonia and has a Master of Science in Operations Research by the University of Edinburgh. He is an experienced consultant with a track record in different industries such as Energy, Banking and Telecommunication.

Yuki Takahashi works as a Quantitative Analyst in the World Bank Group in Washington D.C, USA. He holds a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Physics as well as a Master in Economics. He has studied and lived in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India building a solid international experience in the financial industry.


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