Tech talk

Tech Talk with Alberto Danese and Stefano Gatti

Tech Talk with Alberto Danese and Stefano Gatti

Data Culture: How leveraging data and algorithms can help large enterprises and AI startups shape their future.


  • Alberto Danese

    Alberto Danese is the Head of Data Science at Nexi, the European leader in digital payments. He's a computer engineer with 15 years of experience, mainly in the financial sector. He spent countless hours on Kaggle, where he's a Competitions Grandmaster, and has been sharing his experience as a speaker in several AI events (including AWS re: Invent, Codemotion and various Kaggle events) and via his blog "All About Data". He's been a mentor at PiSchool.

  • Stefano Gatti

    Stefano Gatti spent more than ten years at Cerved, the Italian leader in credit information, leading teams of data experts and driving strategic investments in start-ups. Since early 2019, he has worked at Nexi as Head of Data & Analytics. As a data lover, as he likes to call himself, he supports all roles whose names begin with the word "data" in their effort to make data more and more central to the company's success.


Despite the amazing developments in Data and Artificial Intelligence of the last few years (and months!), most enterprises need help to use data at its full potential worldwide. Behind a few success stories like ChatGPT, many failures and difficulties are hidden.

The problem is not the technology (underlying AI) that is racing at an unimaginable pace in every possible aspect, and neither is the vision (of how AI will shape our world), which is supported by books and essays that provide great insights into what the future of artificial intelligence will look like.

So what is missing? We believe that a common “data culture” between different roles in a company is the key to achieving tangible benefits from data and AI in large and small companies.

Alberto Danese and Stefano Gatti will introduce the book they published just a few days ago, available as an e-book and paperback:

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