Tech talk

Tech talk with Chiara Mugnai co-founder and CTO at Eoliann

Analyse and interpret EO data


MSc with honours in Bionics Engineering at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Data Scientist in international environments in London (UK) and Florence (Italy). Chiara Mugnai worked for multinational corporations (Konica Minolta, Baker Hughes) and one startup (DataSine, acquired by Shutterstock in 2021). Having spent multiple years building software with the use of AI, today she is co-founder and CTO at Eoliann, an Italian startup founded in 2022. Eoliann collects and processes EO data to model physical climate risks for businesses, informing them of the risks associated with their assets.


In this talk, Chiara will share her significant learnings at the intersection of AI, EO, software development and entrepreneurship. Chiara will share her journey, from entering the Earth Observation (EO) field as a Data Scientist to co-founding a startup in AI. Attendees will learn about the practical applications of AI in the EO sector and discover popular libraries and tools that Python enthusiasts can use to analyse and interpret EO data.