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Moving from Me to We culture: a workshop for Poste Italiane

On the 7th and 8th of March, we gave a workshop focused on innovation, transformation, and motivation specially designed for Poste Italiane. Over 40 employees took part in this exclusive event to further become excellent Change Leaders in their company and being able to anticipate challenges in today’s constantly shifting environment.

The motto of this 2-day workshop was “moving from Me to We culture” to encourage greater team effectiveness through the original technique of the Rube Goldberg machine building. Together with our workshop ideator Jamshid Alamuti, we had the pleasure to host the international consultant Jacopo Nicelli and the Lecturer and Co-founder of Stamplay Nicola Mattina as coaches, working closely with our participants.

Jamshid Alamuti, Jacopo Nicelli and Nicola Mattina with the participants.
Jamshid Alamuti, Jacopo Nicelli and Nicola Mattina with the participants.

The terms innovation and transformation are in everybody’s vocabulary by now, especially when it comes to establishing oneself successfully in the market. A closely linked keyword that usually comes to people’s mind is change. In fact, change is an enabler of innovation. However, often it seems that we are afraid of change or giving up the old ways, even if the fear lies more in the uncertain process in between.

To empower the participants to accept change and make the most out of it, our trainers encouraged them to, step by step, generate small changes to obtain a greater result. We should not be scared of breaking old habits but rather substitute those with new motivational triggers to open new doors of functionality and keep up with competitors.

“We can motivate our teams to break the patterns with tangible examples. We need role models within each team to drive and inspire change.” - Jacopo Nicelli

Nicelli introduced the concept of “Speedagility” which outlines today’s demand perfectly on point. “The combination of speed and agility gives us the opportunity to standardize processes which in turn create spare time to focus on the implementation of changes and innovations.”  During the entire process, it is essential to define a clear vision of the desired state.  

Jacopo Nicelli lecture.
Jacopo Nicelli lecture.

For instance, change occurs when old products or services are replaced with innovative alternatives. Even though customer needs remain the same it changes the way to satisfy those needs. “Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the tangibility of products and services through new technologies” outlines Mattina in his presentation.  

"There is always room for new ideas in the market. People change the way they satisfy their needs, so we have to change the way to meet their expectations." - Nicola Mattina

Poste Italiane has an exemplary customer innovation hub. To keep one step ahead of the market shift’s and customers’ demands, within the workshop, the participants had the chance to outgrow themselves by intense group work. The purpose of this team building days was to enforce cohesion, boost creativity and foster innovation.

At Pi School, we believe in the power of learning by doing to grow and succeed. Making the first step towards the future is all about anticipating trends, foster innovation and be creative. Our School is the gathering point of all pioneers that want to be the ones leaving a mark in the future. Seize the occasion to create a human-centered, technologic and sustainable reality participating at a tailored workshop for your organization.

  • Marika Chillemi

    Pi School


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