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17 December 2018

The School of AI: An Overview

26 October 2018

Notartel AI Hackathon at Pi School: innovative solutions for the notary business

12 October 2018

Design Leadership: The Fundamentals of Good Design

12 September 2018

The Creative Incubator: Shaping the Future of the Creative Industry

09 August 2018

Meet Duane Smith and Stefane Barbeau: Driving creativity for brands all over the world

26 July 2018

Illia Polosukhin, giving the power of programming to everyone

11 June 2018

Introducing the 2018 Edition of the School of Artificial Intelligence

01 May 2018

“Google and Facebook will lose their monopoly. People want to regain control of their data”

16 April 2018

Jamshid Alamuti speaks at C de C 2018

13 April 2018

Stripping artificial intelligence from the mask of vile demon of creativity

12 April 2018

Joining creativity and technology to embrace the future

06 April 2018

Micro-Conference: Will Artificial Intelligence be a danger to the cultural heritage of our greatest cities?

03 April 2018

Around the Campus: Giordano Bottà, Genomics Revolution in the Startup World

22 February 2018

Around the Campus: Lapo Ceccherelli on Filo’s design strategy

09 February 2018

Around the Campus: Isabelle Andrieu, the path of female leadership

23 January 2018

Creative Incubator kick-start

15 December 2017

Failure is the stone to build the road to success and innovation

11 December 2017

Advanced solutions as the result of Pi School’s first Artificial Intelligence programme

05 December 2017

From zoology to entrepreneurship: meet John, participant of the AI Program

05 December 2017

Rize: the mental health app that helps you track your mood

21 November 2017

Pi School joined the 2017 edition of ADCE Festival

30 October 2017

Reading Medieval Manuscripts with Deep Learning Technology

10 October 2017

The impact of tech on the creative sector

25 September 2017

Open Day 2017 Presentations