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Introducing the 2018 Edition of the School of Artificial Intelligence

This year’s edition of the School of Artificial Intelligence started yesterday, with a kick-off gathering aperitif at the Pi School villa. The 26 participants from 11 different countries will be working together with companies such as American Express, Soldo, Poste Italiane, BNL and Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale. 

Participants working in groups
Participants working in groups

The participants are from all over the world, including countries such as Brazil, Iran, the USA, Colombia, Iceland, Singapore, Germany, Romania, Kazakhstan, Italy, and Greece. The goal of the programme is to give hands-on experience in real projects while providing AI-based solutions for the issues the sponsoring companies face.

During the eight weeks at Pi School, the participants will be paired up to work together. Each team is assigned to a different project and will have to pitch their solutions to the companies after the two months. While they are here, they will be given lessons with Sébastien Bratières, the Faculty Director of the School of AI, and provided with mentorship from experts in the field, such as Lukasz Kaiser, a researcher at Google Brain, Max Pumperla, a deep learning engineer at Skymind, Novi Quadrianto, a senior lecturer at the University of Sussex, to work better together with their clients. Additionally, they will receive training and advice from Co-Founders, Jamshid Alamuti, and Marco Trombetti.

Participants at the opening aperitif
Participants at the opening aperitif

After the success of the 2017 edition, this year we gathered more talented engineers from across the globe to work with us. Zampeta Kalogeropoulou from Greece who is a PhD Student at Humboldt University of Berlin was looking for a job as a machine learning engineer and, to enrich her portfolio, she decided to join the programme. Even established entrepreneurs like Manuel Cugliari from Italy, who is Co-Owner & Chief Research Officer at Justbit, decided to join this programme because he was interested in real case studies that he could later apply to his own company. David Cecchini from Brazil, who is currently working as a Data Scientist at Demographics Pro in China, had similar motivations.

“I decided to join this programme because it focuses on real-world problems and would improve my career and my knowledge” David Cecchini

The formula is very simple: the most skilled engineers get into the programme for free, as companies sponsor them with a grant to solve their AI business challenges. By the end of the programme, the participants will produce case studies, proof of concepts, or even already working prototypes! We will be following the progress during the next few weeks with regular updates of the projects.

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