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A safe learning environment for the post Covid-19

All around Europe, many countries are entering a new phase, leaving the tight lockdown behind and embracing a new reality. The virus is still a threat and will be part of our lives; that’s why it is essential to adopt safety measures that enable people to go back to their lives left on hold.

While some people can’t wait to go back to their office, restaurants and gym, many others fear that it might still be risky to go back to business as usual. According to a McKinsey study issued in the beginning of May, 97% of Italians believe it will take at least two months to adjust to routines. When confronted with going back to work, a US survey by Qualtrics, 74% of the interviewees think it’s important to have their work facilities disinfected regularly, and 70% asks for sanitizer products available throughout the office.

At Pi School, we used these past weeks to study all those concerns, the EU recommendations and get everything set for a post Covid-19 emergency, providing our students with the opportunity to learn, meet and network in total security at the Creative Incubator, on July 16-18.

Limited Spots

We limited the number of attendees of the upcoming workshop to ensure safety distance between participants. Your experience will be even more exclusive, and you will have the possibility to work and exchange with others while respecting the distances.

Outdoor classes and open space

We have a 3000 sqm garden for outdoor classes, meetings, group work, and leisure. We will also organize meals outside. Our primary classroom is flexible and adaptable for every need, and we will reduce its capacity by 20% to keep distances. 

Cleaning and sanitizing

All the spaces and surfaces of our villa are thoroughly clean every day. You will find hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes for the tables in all the rooms. Other than soap, bathrooms have sanitizer gel and a trash can outside the door, so you don’t have to touch the handle. Pauses between meetings to air the rooms.

A new reality

Meet new people, catch-up with friends, and build your network in a safe environment. We know that interaction plays a big part in the Creative Incubator, and we don’t want you to miss that. The Pi School villa has the best facilities to face the new reality in security.


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